About Max

Anyone who is lucky enough to meet Max or spend time with him knows that he is always happy.

Angelman’s impacts everyone differently and we are all learning so much. Max is working extremely hard with his amazing team (there are a lot of them!!) to work on strength, movement, feeding, communication and keeping his seizures under control.

As a family we presume competence and go from there. We aren’t naïve to the challenges we face and the journey we have ahead but the 15 months before Max’s diagnosis was the biggest challenge we have ever faced mentally, physically and emotionally.

With his big sister by his side, anything is possible for Max.

The Foundation

The foundation has been setup not to support Max but as a way for the trustees and Max to give back to the Angelman and wider community.

Angelman Syndrome

Angelman syndrome (AS) is a rare neuro-genetic disorder that occurs in one in 15,000 live births. Individuals with AS will require life-long care, but will live long, happy lives.

My son is not his diagnosis. We will help him achieve all that he can and completely disregard everything that doctors said he cannot.

How you can support

To donate to the foundation please contact the trustees.

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